Over 50 activists peacefully gathered outside of Case Farms slaughterhouse to bear witness and show compassion for the chickens before they were brutally slaughtered for humans.

James Aspey joined Cleveland Farmed Animal Save on this morning in December to spark awareness and encourage other vegans to become active in promoting a vegan lifestyle.

Eric Girgash, videographer and editor of "The Truth About Chicken", also joined the January 2nd episode of the Live Planted podcast talking about the power of vigils and bearing witness.
Stop Cruelty. Go Vegan. Get Active.

Cleveland Farmed Animal Save is part of the Save Movement, a worldwide network of over 200 groups bearing witness to farmed animals, advocating veganism & promoting love-based activism.

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Bearing Witness

"We must bear witness to suffering. It creates fire in our hearts, and a desire to change that suffering. Not just a desire, an absolute need. When you connect with those who suffer, you have to act. Please don't be afraid to bear witness. It will change your life and it will change the lives of those who suffer."
- JoAnne McArthur, We Animals

"The connection made with these innocent and defenseless animals will occupy your brain. They will make you a part of them! It is natural to identify with their suffering and their plight and to want to help them. Bearing witness can be life-changing. It can motivate you to make a major commitment. It may even result to your devoting your life to their liberation."
- Anita Krajnc, Toronto Pig Save

For more information on bearing witness you can read this blog post by Anita Kranjc or check out this podcast with Amy & Billy of Cleveland Farmed Animal Save.

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